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The truth about gutter guards

After some 20 years being involved in the manufacture and sale of Gutter Guards, I have seen many folk disappointed or confused with their purchase of gutter protection. I can understand why this has happened. I'm sure the salesmen are more focussed on getting the deal done than in providing reliable product information to their customers. At Gutter Guardian Pty Ltd, we believe in giving our customers all the information necessary so they can make an informed choice about the best gutter protection for their homes or businesses.

Let me briefly explain the 3 reasons for buying and installing Gutter Guards:

  1. Gutter Guards, like all things we purchase and use during our life, are likely to end prematurely and require replacement, so durability is a matter to be considered in your decision to buy and install gutter protection.

    I can tell you that the list of available gutter guards is almost endless. There are PLASTIC gutter guards, FOAM, COLOURBOND, GALVANISED, ALUMINIUM, PVC, BOTTLE BRUSH, WIRE, POLYETHYLENE - wow, it is a minefield already. Most of us know that PVC, PLASTIC and the like Gutter Guards are the least likely to give the longest service as the sun's UV rays attack and degrade the products very quickly

    The experience for most customers is that gutters on their homes seem to enjoy about 20 years service so if the choice is a Colourbond product, then it is likely to give similar service.

    If you are considering the galvanised wire products, then you are using products that are dissimilar with your metal roof and the product will attack the roof itself.

    Brush type products obviously trap and hold debris but clearly need regular removal and cleaning.

    Almost all roofs and gutters are made from zincalume and some are coloured so they are called Colorbond. Zincalume and Colourbond are a mixture of ZINC and ALUMINIUM, making them suitable for accepting the Aluminium Gutter Guards manufactured by our company. Also aluminium, being non-ferrous - that is, it will not rust - will outlast any other Gutter Guards available.

  2. The aperture size of the Gutter Guards, meaning the size of the opening to let the water pass through while holding the debris back. This is so important as it determines how much maintenance is needed for your gutter guards.

    Maintenance? Yes, contrary to what you may have been told, all Gutter Guard requires some maintenance. The aperture size determines the size of debris that can enter your gutters. With smaller aperture, small-sized debris such as sand can enter your gutters. The amount of sand that enters your gutters will grow over time and needs to be removed periodically or all the effort of fitting Gutter Guards will be wasted.

    What we recommend for proper maintenance of your Gutter Guard is this - every eighteen months after 2 consecutive days of rain, use your garden hose to flush out your gutters; just hose straight through the material!

    The PREMIUM Aluminium Gutter Guards have, the smallest aperture in Gutter Guards. With proper maintenance, the design of the Aluminium Gutter Guards is like a cheese grate keeping out leaf debris preventing clogging of your drainpipes, making it the best rain water harvester and the best performing Gutter Guards for your home.

  3. Gutter protection as an investment. Clearly this a very big issue - there are many Gutter Guards in the Australian market ranging in price from $7.50 to $ 40 per metre. Once you have agreed to pay more than $15 a metre for your Gutter Guards, you have reached the cost of new gutters. Then, it is clearly no longer a cost efficient project to fit Gutter Guards onto your gutters.

    Gutter Guardian gutter guards at $11.95 per metre (for the PREMIUM guard) are clearly the most cost efficient and longest lasting method of creating a barrier that will keep you off the roof.

GUTTER GUARDS - the cost-efficient way of keeping you off the roof!