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Premium gutter guards

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We offer the lowest prices in Australia for aluminium gutter guards... because when you buy from Gutter Guardian Manufacturing you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Premium professionally installed or DIY Gutter Guard, Marine Quality, finest grade of mesh available, very malleable to suit over roof and internal gutter installs, manufactured using food grade Aluminium. Affordable home leaf protection screens for your gutter system, giving you the best possible clarity and purity for your rain water tank. Can be fitted at around 30 meters per hour, DIY Currently priced at $11.95 per metre

Bird spikes

image What are bird spikes?

A bird control spike, also known as an anti-roosting spike or roost modification, is a device consisting of long, needle-like rods used for bird control. They can be attached to building ledges, street lighting, and commercial signage to prevent wild or feral birds from perching or roosting. Birds can produce large quantities of unsightly and unhygienic feces, and some birds have very loud calls that can be inconvenient for nearby residents, especially at night. As a result, bird control spikes are used to deter these birds without causing them harm or killing them.

How much do they cost?

Our bird spikes a very competively priced at $15.25 per lineal metre.

How do I get them?

The bird spikes can be purchased through Gutter Guardian Manufacturing Pty Ltd. Just call our friendly team on 1300 669 535

Shade Houses

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We are authorised resellers for Stramit who are arguably the best roll-formers in Australia. Colourbond sheeting (cut to length), guttering, fascia, purlins, brackets etc. Anything that Stramit makes we can provide..... at massive savings.

Current prices
Colourbond - $12.95 per lin metre
Zincalume - $12.45 per lin metre
Guttering - $8.30 per lin metre

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